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IFrame Embedding

I need an example of how the IFrame embedding works. I don't see this immediately when looking for it. I searched through several pages of the site with no success.

I need to know the constructor arguments, the scripts necessary and anything else you think will be helpful.

Thank you

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Not sure what you mean. You don't need to use an iframe to display a video on your site with JW Player. Just embed it as shown in the examples (like this one:

If you want to show a video in an iframe, it's like any other iframe - you create an HTML page that has the video on it (like the example above), and then point the iframe to that page.


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There are two parts to an iframe embed, the actual page that contains the HTML and Javascript (I’ll call this iframe.html) and the page that is loading the iframe (which I will call parent.html).

iframe.html needs to contain all the elements of a standalone web page. This page will also need to contain the Javascript needed for our player, the div, and the jwplayer().setup(). I also recommend you set the width of your video on this page to be 100%, because you will most likely want it to stretch to fill any space that is allotted to it on parent.html. Here’s a trick when you are testing your iframe.html: it should load properly in a browser when you point the browser directly at it

parent.html needs to include the <iframe src='iframe.html'></iframe> HTML tags. Make sure you don’t forget the </iframe>. You can include a few different parameters inside the <iframe> tag, like height, width, scrolling, and frameborder. See for more details.

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