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Volume Slider Bar not displaying (either vertically or horizontally) in case of Audio

Volume Slider Bar not displaying (either vertically or horizontally) in case of Audio.

I am using customize skin for jwplayer & facing problem on volume slider for audio file (Only Mute or Unmute button is getting displayed). Horizontal volume bar is not getting displayed in audio player but its working fine for video player.

Below is the code for "myskin.xml" that we are using for customizing our jwplayer.
<?xml version="1.0" ?><skin author="JW Player" name="Five" target="6.7" version="3.0">
<component name="controlbar">
<setting name="margin" value="1"/>
<setting name="maxwidth" value="300"/>
<setting name="fontsize" value="11"/>
<setting name="fontweight" value="normal"/>
<setting name="fontcase" value="normal"/>
<setting name="fontcolor" value="0x000000"/>

<element name="background" src="../img/white.png"/>
<element name="playButton" src="../img/play_btn.png"/>
<element name="playButtonOver" src="../img/play_btn_hover.png"/>
<element name="pauseButton" src="../img/pause_btn.png"/>
<element name="pauseButtonOver" src="../img/pause_btn_hover.png"/>
<element name="timeSliderRail" src="../img/elapsedbackground.png"/>
<element name="timeSliderProgress" src="../img/left_cap.png"/>
<element name="capRight" src="../img/cap_right.png"/>

<element name="muteButton" src="../img/mute.png"/>
<element name="muteButtonOver" src="../img/mute_hover.png"/>
<element name="unmuteButton" src="../img/unmute.png"/>
<element name="unmuteButtonOver" src="../img/unmute_hover.png"/>


Quick and detailed response would be appreciated.

3 Community Answers

Cooper Reid

JW Player Support Agent  
0 rated :

Hello -

You’re missing all of the volume nodes in your XML file:

Best Regards,


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Can you provide the configuration file with these volume options specified in xml file. That would really help us.

Cooper Reid

JW Player Support Agent  
0 rated :

You can find this in your skins package at the bottom of your profile page within your user account:

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