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HLS Streaming in aspect ratio 4:3 on Firefox and Safari

Hi there!
I have a problem when I'm trying to play content from HLS Streaming source. When I use Firefox or Safari with Mac OS X the content reproduces in 4:3. I forced the attribute "aspectratio" to 16:9 but doesn't work.

I tried to force the player to html5 but I had problems to reproduce the HLS content. Do you know what's happening there?

I can see the content without problems in Chrome or VLC, for this reason I think the problem is in the player.

Thanks in advance!

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JW Player Support Agent  
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What is the aspect ratio of the actual .ts fragments in your HLS manifest?

Setting our player to HTML5 mode will be ignored by Chrome and Firefox as those browsers cannot natively play HLS. Safari can, so it will stay in HTML5 mode.

Can you send me a link to your test page and / or your HLS stream?

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