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JWPlayer in Windows 8 & 8.1 With IE Browser Access Controlled In Joomla By DOCman

I have a test site set up at

I need to be able to access control videos inside Joomla 3 CMS for various access level groups.

I am using Joomlatools DOCman software for document and video management.

JWPlayer has a problem with Windows and IE when videos are access controlled by DOCman.

I've talked to the Docman developers about this and they say that DOCman is for sure a factor but the problem lies in JWPlayer.

When serving a video inside DOCman you need to tell JWPlayer what the video type is, this is not necessary when you link direct to the file.

So a direct link to a video when DOCman is NOT being used ends with '.mp4' like this:

file: '/images/stories/videos/crawfordtech-overview.mp4',

When a linking to a video file using DOCman the code looks like this:

file: '/64-crawfordtech-overview/file',
type: 'mp4',

I need to be able to serve videos with different access control levels for various customers inside Joomla.

Can you help me resolve this? I am not a javascript guy at all so I'll need some hand holding to sort this out.

Thank you!

Joe Sonne

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JW Player Support Agent  
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I’m not certain what the issue is here as I am not familiar with DocMan. What is the use case? Also, how are files access controlled? Again, this functionality is not something the player provides natively, so I may not be able to offer much support for this. Have you tried updating the player version as well? 6.6 is no longer supported and is over a year old at this point.

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