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Questions about HD tongue button

For example:

If I have 2 qualities, in JWplayer 6.1 it was possible to click on the quality button and show the quality labels, video.js also does this, how can I do this with the latest versions? (or even in a different way like changing the button on top of control bar to appear like SD 360p/480p and HD 720p/1080p)
I dont want to come back to 6.1 because I have some subtitle issues with this version

If I have 2 qualities, like 360p and 480p, how can I change the button aspect to not appear HD but something else like a youtube quality icon?
Is there an easy way to edit skins?

This is the kind of things that should be available to config in the code within the next versions

3 Community Answers


JW Player Support Agent  
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This is indeed correct. If there are only two qualities, we will use the button as a toggle. We require three qualities or more if you’d like the menu to appear.


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Can't I change anything in the .js file in order to make it not act like a toggle button like the 6.1 version?


JW Player Support Agent  
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I don’t believe so. If possible, could you add a third “dummy” language on this to get the option to appear?

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