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Error loading media: File could not be played

I've just purchased a pro account and am using the CDN script tag and constantly get a Error loading media: File could not be played error when the file tries to load. My files are all mp4, and I've tested with a H.264/MP4 file and get the same error message. Things used to work but about a week ago I started getting this error and can not figure our the problem. I need to find a solution or need a refund and will have to use another player. I get this error in the most recent versions of firefox and IE.

file: "F:\test.mp4",
image: "F:\test.jpg",
width: 960,
height: 540,
autostart: true,

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Please give us a link to your site.

You should remove the trailing comma after the last attribute (autostart), since there are no more attributes. But that's almost certainly not the source of this error.

Are you actually using a Windows drive letter and a backslash, rather than calling the file with a normal URL? That's unlikely to work.

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