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Youtube playlist

I am trying to embed the latest player onto my site. I was able to use off the example code that comes in the readme, get a single youtube video to play with the basic width height and volume playing and I was also able to get the skin to work. But what I am wondering is if there are any working example codes of a youtube playlist working.

I looked through this site thus far and nothing I found worked. I know there have been a few responses of creating my own playlist. That is not what I am looking for. I am looking for something that will work off of a playlist from youtube,

Example of a random playlist:

with or without the ?alt=rss, (that I saw in one of the post to use).

Also, what I am trying to do is have the playlist of the videos to show under the player or off to the side. Preferably under. I was able to do this with an older version of the JW Player, but this new version, I just can't seem to work with a playlist.

Any examples that I can go off and references on various codes to acquire the look I am going for would be greatly appreciated.

Here is an example of what is NOT working.

echo "<center><div align='center' id='myElement'>This text will be replaced</div></center>";

echo "<script>
playlist: '',
primary: 'flash',
skin: './jw_player/six.xml',
stretching: 'fill',
width: 560px,
height: 315px,
volume: 100,
repeat: 'list',
shuffle: 'true',
autostart: 'false'

I have tried both file: and playlist: and did not work. All that shows is "This text will be replaced".

Yes, it is within a php file and that is the reason for the echo. I also know <center> is deprecated and I should use CSS instead, but unfortunately, CSS was not centering it. I even tried wrapping it in a span and using a inline style for text align, just did not want to center, just stay to the left. I figured I would battle one beast at a time, once working, try to get the CSS issue resolved.


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Never mind, I finally was able to work it out.

echo "<script>
'flashplayer': 'jwplayer.swf',
'width': '560px',
'height': '460px',
'volume': '80',
'repeat': 'list',
'shuffle': 'false',
'autostart': 'false',
'primary': 'html5',
'controlbar.position': 'bottom',
'skin': './jw_player/six.xml',
'stretching': 'fill',
'playlist': '',
'listbar': {
'position': 'bottom',
'layout': 'extended',
'size': 160

I honestly have to say, this was harder than the old versions and documentation for this is all over the place.

Is there anywhere a full list of controls/settings?


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You're using a number of attributes that apply only to JW Player 5, including controlbar.position, shuffle, and volume. They don't exist in JW6. The repeat attribute is either true or false, not "list." You're specifying width and height incorrectly - there's no "px" allowed. You're connecting to jwplayer.swf, which is the old Flash file from JW5. With JW6, you don't have to specify the flashplayer at all, as long as it's sitting in the same directory as jwplayer.js and jwplayer.html5.js.

In short, if you don't see an attribute on this list, it almost certainly doesn't exist:


JW Player Support Agent  
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Thank you, MisterNeutron. You are correct.

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