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How to configure a playlist of streaming videos for desktop and mobile

Please help me, I'm totaly lost

I need to create a playlist of multiple videos that are on a streaming server. It was possible in JWPlayer 5 to use two different XML playlists (Flash and HTML5) for streaming videos. Those playlists where configurate like this :

'id': 'playerID',
'file': 'playlist.xml',
'width': '512',
'height': '288',
'modes': [
{type: 'flash', src: 'jwplayer/player.swf'},
{type: 'html5',
config: {
file: 'playlist_html5.xml'


And by using <jwplayer:streamer> in the XML. Everything was fine. I tried to do the same thing in JWPlayer 6, but it didn't work.

How to configurate the player in Javascript? What the playlists will look like? I suppose that I will need to create a playlist in .smil and in .m3u8, but it is impossible to know how to configure a playlist of multiples streaming videos on your website.

Please, can you help me by providing a complete tutorial?

1 Community Answers

Cooper Reid

JW Player Support Agent  
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Please refer to this resource for building XML playlists to be used in JW6:

Kind Regards,

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