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Player Links vs Embedding


I am new to JW (actually just got it yesterday!) and have some questions in regards to Links/embed as well as how to set up players for what i need.

Quick Summary of us:
Our company designs, manufactures products, so we have numerous "Product" pages. All the info for each product is filled in Salesforce, the website then pulls from SF to populate the product page. In addition, our dealers are able to pull the info as well from SF. Historically, all our videos have been hosted on YouTube, so in the video field, i would drop the "YT Link" for them to use and everyone would share/use that.

1) In JW, when I want to export a player with video/playlist, it gives me an "embed" line. I can't use an embed code as i need to be able to just populate a "link" in the field inside Salesforce. Is there a way to do this with JW? And if so, does the player react the same on the page just as if it was an embed?

2) On the product pages, we have a designated window for all gallery images. These could be beauty photos or video. All the assets that go in there need to be sized at 1110x730 px. Do i need to size the player to this specific size or just let it be dynamic and it will correct itself?

Thanks for your help!

Roger Arguello

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Cooper Reid

JW Player Support Agent  
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Hi Roger,

1) I don’t understand what you’re trying to do. What exactly do you need to enter into Salesforce? Can you show me a link to your page?
2) I recommend using a ‘responsive player’ ( This will allow the player to stretch to the width of it’s parent. The image will automatically be resized to fit within the JWPlayer.

Best Regards,

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