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Rackspace CDN Streaming - Pro or Premium licence?


We're building an online training website which uses videos that we're hosting ourselves on Rackspace's CDN (Akamai). Our plan is to use the self-hosted JWPlayer. I wondered if someone could clarify a few things around what is possible, and what is required in terms of licensing, please?

- The Rackspace CDN, which uses Akamai, serves up files over HTTP, HTTPS, 'Steaming', and 'iOS Streaming'. Is there any advantage of using 'Streaming' over HTTP/HTTPS? It claims you can watch the video before it has downloaded, but you seem to be able to if you just use HTTP, as long as the video is encoded with a 'network optimised' setting enabled.

- Rackspace recommend a plugin ( which allows you to "load as a JW Player Media Provider for CDN access to Akamai". What does this mean and do you 'need' it in order to play videos hosted on Rackspace CDN / Akamai?

- Will the 'Pro' licence be sufficient for playing videos hosted on Rackspace's CDN?

Many thanks for your help


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Cooper Reid

JW Player Support Agent  
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Hello Dan,

HLS streaming (iOS Streaming) is recommended if you are targeting mobile devices. It uses adaptive bitrates to switch between qualities automatically based on a user’s bandwidth. If you are simply serving Video On Demand, an mp4 file will do just fine. As for the Akamai plugin, that’s a third party plugin so I’m not terrible familiar with it. I believe that plugin allows our player to handle HDS streams (which our player does not do natively). If you would like to test any of your Akamai CDN streams, I recommend you test them here:

Best Regards,

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